Hello, I’m Coop! I looove cuddling and playing with every dog I meet! You can always tell when I’m having fun, I make happy noises that make my foster mum laugh. Sometimes I can get a bit wobbly and run into doors. My foster mum says it’s not my fault I’m so clumsy, and it’s because I get “seizures”. Every time I hear her say “seizures” I end up at this place where they give me more not-so-tasty treats and sometimes poke me with sharp needles. I don’t mind though, the people there are super nice and give me yummy treats too. But it always means I have to take more and more not-so-tasty treats every day 😥. I wish I didn’t but I’m happy I always have these people that help me feel better.
Coop came into care at the end of October after his owners could no longer care for him. This handsome young boy has a history of seizures, and we are working on finding a combination of meds that will work for him.
For the last few months, he has been sent to VCA Canada Guardian Veterinary Centre after chronic seizures and is often kept overnight. We are committed to helping this sweet boy and will do whatever we can to improve his well being, though as you can imagine the emergency vet visits are taxing on our bank account. If you are able to donate to help us help Coop, it would be greatly appreciated! Every dollar counts and allows us to keep doing what we’re doing



We can issue tax receipts for cash donations equal or greater than $20! Our charity number is 822791430RR0001

Ways to donate

By cheque:
P.O. Box 69013 Skyview
Edmonton, AB
T6V 1G7

The ATB Cares program matches donations by 15% and will issue a tax receipt on our behalf! Click here to donate through ATB Cares!
We will also accept cash or in-kind donations in person at events!

thank you for your support


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