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How to reduce cat allergies without medication

Love cats, but cuddling them with your cat allergies results in itchy red eyes and never-ending sneezing?  Yet you still spend hours watching funny cat videos on Youtube, dreaming of adopting your own cat one day.  Your allergies come from more than just cat hair – cat saliva, skin cells and other proteins all play a

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Calico cat with big eyes on hind legs wearing bell collar

How to Know What Your Cat is Thinking

Have you ever looked at a cat and wondered what they were thinking? Unlike dogs, who are more obvious about their feelings, cats can be more mysterious and difficult to read. A cat communicates with body language, they way they move, and the noises they make. To really understand cat communication styles, watch their behavioural

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Adopt a Dog in Edmonton - French Bulldog

Why You Should Adopt a Pet

It’s a big question people often ask themselves. Why should you adopt a pet? Cute animals up for adoption are fun to look at, but the responsibility may seem too big. Once you make that life-changing decision, you’ll see how worthwhile it is for you and for your pet. Adopting a Pet Gives Them Hope

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Take Me Home, And You’ll Never Be Alone

Saturday, August 12, 2017 GEARS has had a high intake of animals this summer, and while we are pleased to be helping so many animals, we know that fostering is just one step of the process. We love each and every animal in our care, but to save more, we must prepare them for life

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