Why You Should Adopt a Pet

The information posted on this blog is based on the author’s personal experience. What works for some pets may not be right for you and yours. Please consult your veterinarian for all of your pet’s health, wellness, dietary, and behavioural issues.
Adopt a Dog in Edmonton - French Bulldog

It’s a big question people often ask themselves. Why should you adopt a pet? Cute animals up for adoption are fun to look at, but the responsibility may seem too big. Once you make that life-changing decision, you’ll see how worthwhile it is for you and for your pet.

Adopting a Pet Gives Them Hope

Far too many shelter animals are overlooked due to the sheer number of them in shelters. When you choose to adopt an animal from a rescue society, you are their hero. Rescuing them gives them hope, safety, security, a home, and a chance to live a full life. They change from an animal to a pet to a part of your household.

Adopted Pets = Instant Family Members

Once you decide to adopt a pet, you will finally understand the term “fur baby”. A new type of love develops in pet owners because a connection grows from caring for their pets, feeding and washing them, and making sure they are happy and healthy. A fur parent knows when their fur baby is truly happy.

Adopting a Pet Creates an Intense Bond

Pets and their owners don’t speak the same language (unless you are talented enough to know how to speak feline). It can be a struggle to figure out what the other one wants, like training pets to sit, teaching them their name, telling them what not to jump on. But the bond grows while figuring out a language that works between each other. You get to see your pet grow, and vice versa, forming an indescribable bond together.

Adopting a Pet Gives You So Much Love

If you’ve never had a pet before, get ready to have a love attack! In their own little ways, pets show their unconditional appreciation for being adopted into a home. It can be as subtle as a head boop, or as obvious as jumping on you when you enter the front door, so be prepared!

Pets Are Silent Support Systems

Pets are highly intuitive and can often sense when their owners are in a state of distress. Their reactions to stressful situations are to physically be near their owners to give them support. Some will even bring gifts to make you feel better (who’s to say whether you want that dead bird or not). Without saying a word, they say so much.

If you’re still wondering why you should adopt a pet, one simple word will help – love. Your new family member will thank you for it, and they will do as much good for you as you do for them.

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