Hello! My name is



Age: ~1.5 years
Gender: Female
Weight: ~55 lbs
Breed: Shepherd X
Energy: 8/10


Dog Friendly: Yes, with proper introductions
Cat Friendly: No
Kid Friendly: Yes

Rescue Story

Venya came to GEARS from a partner community. Soon after, it was discovered that she was pregnant and she gave birth to 9 health babies, all of which have already found their forever homes… so now it’s momma’s turn!

My Bio

Hi!!!! My name is Venya and I love you! Oh! I guess that’s kind of awkward since we haven’t met yet… but I love everyone!

I am such a happy girl, always smiling and wiggling my whole butt when I see you! Sometimes when I’m really excited I show my love by hugging you around your waist. But foster mom is trying to tell me that even though it’s adorable, some people don’t like any jumping up at all and that we should try to not do that. I’m only about 55 lbs. and very gentle so I’m not likely to knock anyone over… but I guess I should still listen to her.

My favourite thing to do is play, whether it be with toys by myself or other dog friends! As much as I love my doggo friends, I think tiny humans are my favourite. They’re almost as cute as me so I think maybe I relate to them in a way.

Foster mom says she still can’t believe I had 9 babies since I’m so little and just like a puppy myself! She thinks maybe me becoming a mom at such a young age is why I’m getting some of those puppy behaviours out of my system. If I get bored, sometimes I like to find something to chew on that maybe I shouldn’t. I don’t actually ingest anything but I just like to chew and sometimes don’t know the difference between dog toys and something my humans might need, like a TV remote (hee hee). Tiring me out with walks and training really helps prevent me from this though! I love walks and the more I go, the better I am at not pulling or barking at things. I’ve even been a great hiking partner and, especially when I get home after an adventure like that, I just want to snuggle and snooze. 

When I first came into care I showed quite a bit of separation anxiety, but this has been getting much better. Foster mom gives me a stuffed Kong or something to keep me busy if she has to leave the house or just get things done in another room. This way I know she’s rewarding me in advance for staying calm and letting her be without me if she needs to. Just like with anything else, practice makes perfect! 

I know I made it weird earlier by saying I love you too soon…. but will you love me too?

Love, Venya💖


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