Hello! My name is



Age: ~ 9 Months
Gender: Male
Weight: ~ 55 lbs
Breed: Shep X
Energy: 8/10


Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: No
Kid Friendly: Unknown

Rescue Story

Kelvin came into GEARS care from our outreach community and is ready to find his forever home.

My Bio

Hello, my name is Kelvin. I was giving the name Kelvin because I came into care during a cold winter and my name means -273 degrees or absolute zero. I think my name suits me because I love playing in the snow and I like being outside even when it is cold! When I came into care, I had a broken leg. Luckily, my leg healed well and quickly so I could get back to doing the things I love! Some of the things I love doing in my backyard is playing with toys, digging holes, and chewing on sticks or bones. The best is when I get to play with my friends at the dog park. My friends and I like to play tag, wrestle, or tug-a-war with a stick! If there is water, I like to swim with my friends! I check in with my foster Mom regularly to make sure she is having fun too.

I had the opportunity to live in two foster homes. In my first foster home, I lived with other dogs and cats. I loved playing with my friends; I could play with them all day! I would like to live with other dogs again if I could. It might be a good idea if I do not live with cats since they are my favorite animal to torment. In my second foster home, there were no other dogs or cats, only bearded dragons. I tried passing the ball to my sister bearded dragon but she just stared at me, so I guess she does not like to play fetch.

I do not just like playing with other animals; I like to play with people too. One of my favorite games with my foster Dad is playing chase. He can never catch me because I am so fast! I like to play with new people after I get to know them. One time my foster Grandpa came over and after he gave me a few treats and we became friends, I played chase with him in the house too. My foster Mom likes to do tricks with me. I know how to come, follow, look, sit, shake a paw, lay down, and stay. She is still teaching me how to walk on a leash and how to roll over! After we play, I like to snuggle with my foster parents and get some belly rubs. Sometimes we watch movies in their bed, and I get to snuggle in between them.

I love other animals and people so much that I find it hard when I am by myself. When my foster parents have to go to work, I know I have to go into my crate. I use to be scared of the crate but now I like having my own place to rest. I like to go to my crate after I play with other dogs or go on walks so I can sleep. I still get anxious when I am left by myself, but it helps when my foster parents do not leave me alone for too long, and they always give me something to chew when they leave.

Medical Note: Kelvin came into GEARS care with an old fracture in his leg. Since being in care it has healed nicely.

Behavior Note: Kelvin is insecure and fearful of new people (particularly men) and environments and needs slow and positive introductions. He is very handler focused and responds very well to positive reinforcement. He warms up quickly when introduced properly and has come a long way overcoming his fears





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