Hello! My name is

Drifter *adopted!*


Age: ~ 1 year
Gender: Male
Weight: ~ 10lbs
Breed: DSH
Energy: 7.5/10


Dog Friendly:Yes
Cat Friendly: Can be picky
Kid Friendly: Yes

Rescue Story

Drifter came into GEARS’ care as a stray. He was in rough shape with worms and parasites and terrible tummy issues. He’s feeling better and is ready to find his forever home!

My Bio

Hello! Drifter here… but I also answer to Doodlebug, handsome Prince and Dude! You may remember seeing me on Facebook in my strapping bowties and pawsitive messages, I’m kinda famous! 


I have had quite the journey during my stay in foster care! I was a very sick boy when I was rescued, but with a lot of love, determination and hard work, I am FINALLY free and clear to find my furever home as a “special needs kitty”. But don’t let that scare you off. I really am quite the catch! I’m SO excited! 


I currently live with the resident dog and 2 resident female cats. The dog and I have become friends, but my foster felines and I don’t quite see eye to eye! I think they are just grumpy. But I have staycationed with a family who brought over a male kitten and we played for hours with no issues! I guess you could say I’m cat selective, but I’m willing to try! Truth be told, I love to rule the roost like the king I am! My main care taker is a young teenager, she and I are the best of friends! Sometimes we have younger kids come visit and I am always gentle and on my best behaviour… as long as they don’t pick me up! 


I am such a clever boy! I have learned so much during my stay! I know how to “sit”, “wait”, “gentle”, “no”, and my favourite, “where is it?”! That’s when you throw my mouse and I fetch it for you and bring it back. I love being praised with “good boy, smart boy!”. Nothing makes me more proud than to come trotting back with my mouse after you think you’ve outsmarted me! Silly humans! You can’t outwit me! I am very toy selective, so if you spoil me with toys and I love it, you may want to have a back up stash, just in case! I love to adventure and climb things, watch out for anything special you don’t want broken!


I have never scratched furniture or anything I wasn’t supposed to. That makes my foster mom very happy! I prefer cardboard scratch pads and boxes, oh, and my cat tree. I have a little pica (shreds and chews paper and cardboard) episode every now and then when I get too much pent up energy! It’s harmless, but I’ll leave you the cardboard mess to clean up. 


I love to be a clean boy! I am always washing up anytime my fur is out of place, after I eat and use the litter box. Speaking of which, I like to be clean, but I can make a real mess kicking litter everywhere! I may have been guilty a time or two clearing a room with my aroma! But don’t worry! It’s much less frequent now. Better out than in I always say! 


I love people! I am super friendly and quite often tell you stories, especially at feeding time! 


I don’t care to be held too long! I’m more of a “on my own terms” snuggle guy. I will find a spot near you though and cuddle. 


Some info on my current health that you should know….


I have a heart murmur! So far so good, but it’s important that when I go for any medical appointments, my vet is aware of my condition. Some medicines and sedation could be fatal for me if the vet is unaware! 


I have chronic pancreatitis, which requires a special pill each day to keep me living my best life! I’ll be honest, I despise pill time and will try to bite and box my way out of it! I’m a lot better at it now and my foster mom would be happy to teach you how she does it. 


Then there’s the vet, sigh! I currently go for regular B12 shots to help me stay healthy and strong! I really hate them, but a mild sedative you give me at home before I go makes it much more bearable for me and yourself! I have past trauma from being in a travel kennel at the vet. Please try not to put me in a kennel. I prefer to travel in style in my harness and leash when going for trips. I absolutely love car rides! I just chill on the seat and take it all in. 


I have belly issues and require a vet prescribed diet. I do best on my current food, but old habits die hard and given the chance, I will always rummage for food if it’s left out or not sealed! In the past, I had to rummage for garbage to make it on my own! I also learned to beg for food from my foster resident dog, I think I look cute, but it never seems to work. 


Well, that seems to cover most of my fabulous life! My foster family would love to share anything else you may be wondering about. I have to leave a little mystery. 


I can’t wait to meet you and start our new adventure together! There’s so much I have yet to see and learn! I’ll be the handsome boy in the bowtie! 


Much love, 



Medical Note: Drifter requires a hypoallergenic diet, budesonide daily, monthly b12 injections, and a daily probiotic. The estimated cost of this is $300/month. Routine blood testing every 6 months is recommended.

P.S. Please give Drifter a chance if you can ♥️


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