Hello! My name is

Doug & Dalia


Age: ~2.5 years
Gender: Male & Female
Breed: DSH
Energy: 6/10


Dog Friendly: unknown
Cat Friendly: unknown
Kid Friendly: Yes

Rescue Story

Doug and Dalia were born in GEARS care in 2019 and adopted out when they were ready. They were unfortunately returned (through no fault of theirs) and are now ready to find their forever home!

My Bio

My name is Doug and I’m a beautiful grey boy with soft fuzzy fur. I’m very friendly and love scratches and pets all the time. When you come home, I will always run to greet you and meow hello. In fact, I’m rather talkative and will chatter quite a bit in the mornings and when there are a lot of things going on. I am very curious and will investigate all kinds of things – I’m quite brave and unafraid. I don’t even mind vacuuming. I love to play with my sister and my feather wand. I’ll often find other little things around the house to bat around as well. I am highly food motivated and I’m willing to learn tricks for treats but be sure you put my treats and food away or I’ll help myself when you’re not around. I am trying to learn to stay off the counters, but that is a bit of a tough lesson for me because there might be food there!

I love my sister very much and would prefer to be with her always. I’m the representative for us and will always go check out a situation first, but if I can’t find my sister I will meow quite a bit. We really like to cuddle together. If I’m not cuddling her, I will sleep nearby but I am not much of a lap kitty.

I am a very friendly and quite a clever kitty. My foster family has two young children and I’m very good with them and more than willing to let them pet my fur and play with my wand with them. I have met some dogs and I was very, very uncertain about that experience and just watched them from up high – I was glad when they went home.

My name is Dalia and I’m a small and silky black panther. I am a bit nervous at first but once my brother has checked things out, I’ll come out and explore. I’m a more mischievous kitty and will find small places to fit and explore, and strings to chase. I really like hiding and finding new places to sleep. I especially like to find jewellery, like shiny necklaces, to paw and carry around the house. My foster family has learned to make sure they put things away because I will always find what is left out and put it under the bed. I’m a bit calmer and more aloof than my brother but am still very happy to get gentle pets once I get to know you (it takes me only about a week to really come out of my shell). I am more of a lap kitty and am happy to sleep on your lap when you’re watching TV or sleeping. I’ll mew a little from time to time, but my voice is so small it’s more like a squeak. I love playing with my feather wand too, and though I’m not as food motivated, I like to try out new things and I am learning some skills. I don’t jump up on counters like my brother, but I am learning where the right places are to scratch my nails. I like having scratching posts in lots of places for me so I can choose the right spot.

I love my brother very much and rely on him to let me know what is safe. I like to find him to play with in the evenings and we’ll have a lot of fun running around the house. He helps me feel safe.

I’m a very easy kitty and don’t need much from my people – I’ll find ways to entertain myself. I’m learning to like the children I live with and don’t hide when they come into the room, but I’m not sure I’m ready for them to pet me yet. I also didn’t like meeting the dogs and so I hid for a while.

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