Hello! My name is



Age: ~3 months
Gender: Male
Weight: ~30 lbs
Breed: Shepherd X
Energy: 8/10


Dog Friendly: Yes (shy at first)
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Yes (but I’m nippy)

Rescue Story

Arlo came into GEARS’ care from a partner organization, and after time spent in a loving foster home, is ready to find his furever home!

My Bio

Hiyyeee! My name is Arlo. I am a very goofy uncoordinated puppy. My foster mom calls me ‘velcro’ which I don’t understand; but I think it’s just cause I like to be in the same room as her all the time. 

I am a puppy so I’m still learning how to play well with my foster mum. She says I bite too much, but we play with toys and balls a lot. I’m good at fetch but I tend to get very distracted.

I love playing with my big husky foster sister – we love playing tug of war but we mostly ‘rough play’ and I love challenging her. 

I love to stare at my foster brother, who’s a cat! He’s super cool, and kinda scary, but I like to follow him around cause he’s so interesting. I don’t think he likes me that much but I’m not too bothered and usually leave him be. 

I sleep soundly throughout the night and do not need to be crated overnight. When I wake up I make it clear I need to take my morning potty break. You might have to show me out and watch me do it cause I’m still learning. Usually if my foster mum doesn’t wake up, I just use my puppy pad… and I never miss it! 

I know “sit”, and I wait for my food on my bed after a few excited jumpies, cause I LOVE food. My mum always puts my food in a lil puzzle feeder cause she says I eat too fast, but I’ve figured out how to eat really fast still (hehe).  I’m not good at waiting for my sister to eat her food, so she usually eats in a different room, which sucks – I love to trying to steal her food.

I’m an affectionate lil bean who loves a snuggle to sleep. I don’t have any crate training, but I’m comfortable with sleeping on my own in my bed. I much prefer snuggles with my foster mom. I might cry a little but I give up pretty quickly when I know that she doesn’t want me on the bed with her. I also tend to be a little grumpy when I’m sleeping – I will growl at you if you try and pick me up when I’m asleep.

I am very good at walking but I hate when my mum puts on my harness or my collar… but then I forget when I go for my walkies cause she always gives me lots of treats! I always stay right beside her, or I stick with my foster sister. 

Sometimes I bark when I hear people upstairs or see people on walks, but my foster mum can distract me easily with treats or clicks she does with her mouth, and I just forget all about it!

I need a lot of mental exercise because I get bored super easily and I like to hunt for things I’m not allowed to eat – toys are just too easy! I really like water bottles with no tags on them! I’m teething so I bite all sorts of stuff. My favourites are wrinkly toys or bones to chew. 

My foster mom says I learn very quickly. She says I’m really smart, and I love her so I just want to make her happy! I’m good at coming when I’m called, but I don’t know what “down” means just yet. But, alas, I will do anything for food.

I’m not very good at waiting while my foster mum eats – I go a lil crazy at first, but then I just sit and hope that she gives me a lil (she usually doesn’t) but I’m getting better at waiting for her to eat.

Sometimes she puts me in my room and I just nap cause I know that I was being a lil crazy. I always nap when she’s not home. I miss her, but it’s better to just sleep until she gets home! 

I’m not 100 percent on getting touched, but don’t get me wrong – I LOVE PETS. But sometimes my foster mum plays with my feet and ears and it’s so annoying. Sometimes I get really mad at her, but slowly I’ve been learning that she’s not trying to hurt me. I hate getting brushed. I don’t mind bath time too much – I just think it’s a lil scary when the water’s running . 

I’m looking for a forever home that knows I’m going to grow really big!! Right now I need a lot of affection and attention. I love being with my foster family cause there’s another puppy for me to play with and my foster mum always gives me snuffle toys and other things that help tire me out. I’m a handful of love and joy, and I love almost everyone I meet… as long as it’s not too many people at once. I’m good with kids, but I’m nippy still so I will always go for their hands. I also have a tendency to nip at pants or anything flowy cause I just love attention and tug of war. 

I’m very good at being alone, and I usually don’t mess with anything, (I usually only do that when I’m trying to get attention.) But I will eat anything, and I mean anything – it all seems like it’ll taste good. So I need a puppy-proofed room to be in when you’re away and mostly full attention when you’re home, otherwise I might be chewing on your favourite books. 😇

Love, Arlo 🦴 


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