Tater Tot

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Name: Tater Tot
Date of Birth: September 2017
Gender: Female
Weight: 2 lbs
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Energy Level: 5 out of 10
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Yes

Rescue Story:
Tator Tot was found as a stray, living under steps of a home in Leduc by herself.

Tater Tot’s Bio:

Hi there, I’m Tater Tot! You know what goes well with family dinners? Potatoes. I’m just more of the decorative kind. In fact, I’m not even really sure I AM a potato – my foster mommy is confusing me. I have the name ‘Tater Tot’ cause I was so tiny when I came to GEARS, but I am told I’m a ‘cat’, and my foster mommy says I’m like a ‘little bird’. Ilike to perch on any part of her body like something called a ‘parrot’, most of the time I just cuddle up and fall asleep there. I have also made friends with something called a ‘dog’, so maybe I’m one of those, too!

Whatever I am, I do know a few things about who I WANT to be. I don’t like causing too much of a scene, and I’m a little embarrassed about my voice, so I have never let a human hear me meow. I just make tiny chirps to show my affection! I would like to be able to show my affectionate side with humans, felines, and canines alike. I will also do best in a home where I have another animal friend to spend my days with when you are away from the house. Finally, I would like to be in a home with plenty of cuddles and things to play with. You don’t even need real toys: as long as you leave it on the floor, my imagination gets carried away and can make a game out of anything! I’d love to meet you and learn more things about who – or what – I am, and what that means for my future.

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