Sweet Pea

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Name: Sweet Pea
Date of Birth: April 2017
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Longhair
Energy Level: 4 out of 10
Dog Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Unknown

Rescue Story:
Sweet Pea and her siblings were taken into care to find their forever homes

Sweet Pea's Bio:

Hello, I’m Sweet Pea. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I hope that’s true because I’ve been told my eyes are beautiful! I’m still growing up and figuring out who I am, but I have learned a couple tricks of the trade that make my journey a bit easier. Things that get me more snuggles with my human include: using the litter box and never making a mess, knowing the only place I should sink my claws into is this thing called a “scratching post” (boy, that thing is fun!), and spending a pretty good portion of my day “napping” next to my human. Those fake naps sure do the trick – I dominate in the snuggle department day and night! I do have a playful streak, and I love to chase a speedy toy. I’m also really good at getting balls before they roll under the couch. More than anything, though, I love my sister Sailor. I know we might not go to the same home together, but I’d love to find another feline friend who is just as calm as her, because when my human is busy, cuddling with another adorable ball of fur just like me is the kind of thing dreams are made of. Things I don’t like? There’s something called a “vacuum” that can be pretty scary. I’d love to explore this world and discover more things I love and maybe don’t love. Let’s learn together!

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