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Name: Romy
Date of Birth: August 2017
Gender: Female
Weight: 80-100 lbs (estimated adult weight?)
Breed: Great Perenese Cross
Energy Level: 6 out of 10
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Frendly: Unknown
Kid Friendly: Unknown

Rescue Story:
Romy came into care with her 6 siblings and her mama Rosa-Leigh.

Romy’s Bio:

Hi there, I’m Romy! My favourite part of being a dog is that I get to be a human’s best friend – it’s literally in the job description. I take that job very seriously. I love to be around my humans and see them smile, so that means I’ll always drop whatever I’m doing and come to you when called! Sometimes I get a little too excited and jump up on people, but that’s only because I want to get closer to them! One way we can get closer together is by going for walks. I’m very good on a leash and never pull. I love exercise in any form – a thirty minute walk is great, but I also would love to have a big back yard to run around and play in. I love having a canine companion around because they help me get out all this energy that’s inside this tiny puppy body of mine. When play time is over, I like to balance my day out with a nap and a cuddle – usually with my canine friends. However, if my new home doesn’t have a doggy friend for me, I think I’d like a human who loves to play. I haven’t shared my home with a tiny human yet, but I have met a few, and I’m pretty fond of them. Sometimes I get curious about food – I’m a growing girl after all and this engine doesn’t fuel itself. I’m learning, though, that a table or counter isn’t a good place for a dog. In fact, I’m learning quite a few things, and my foster mommy says I’m pretty smart. I know how to use a kennel, although I think in my new home, I would probably like to sleep closer to my humans if they’ll allow it. I also know all of my basic commands and how to do my business outside. My favourite thing to learn about, though, is how to be a good kisser. My foster mommy says I already am, but I want to keep practicing! If you meet me, I might want to kiss you, too!

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