Nia and Norris

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Name: Nia and Norris
Age: 7 years old and 6 years old respectively 
Gender: Female and Male 
Weight: 7lbs and 15 lbs respectively 
Breed: Shih-Tzu 
Energy Level: 4 out of 10
Dog Friendly: Maybe
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Kid Friendly: Yes

Rescue Story:
Nia and Norris were surrendered to GEARS to find their forever home. They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. 

Nia and Norris’ Bio:

Hi! We’re the Fosters. I’m Norris and the little black one is Nia, my sister from another mister. We’re what they call a bonded pair. What that really means is that where she goes, I go. I do the talking because she’s pretty quiet. Everyone thinks she’s so sweet, and yeah, I guess she is. I do push her around a little bit, mostly to make sure I’m the one getting your affection.. and boy do I love affection!
Nia’s cool with people (kids too) and dogs. I’m a clown with people (kids too), but I have an issue with dogs. Me, I have “Little Dog Syndrome” so I feel the need to make a lot of noise when other dogs are around (not sure about cats, though). Nia just kind of sits there waiting for a lap to open up. Like I said, she’s pretty sweet.

Food wise, we’re both grazers, so you gotta love that! Pee wise, we’re pee pad trained, and we’re doing really well with the whole outside thing. We know what to do when we’re out there; we just haven’t wrapped our heads around asking to go out. If we’re let out often enough, we don’t use the pee pad at all. We’re crate trained (we prefer to be in a big crate together), but we’re good with the run of the house on our own, too.

Nia means “short and spirited,” and she is both. I was named after Norris, the grumpy busy-body on Coronation Street, and I am both. We sure suit our names, and we’d make a really fun addition to a home where we’re the only fur babies.
Can’t wait to meet you!

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