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Name: Moses
Date of Birth: May 2017
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Energy Level: 8 out of 10
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Yes

Rescue Story:
Moses and his siblings were found living under someone's steps and are now ready for their forever homes

Moses’ Bio:

Purr! That’s a sound you can get used to! Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Moses. Much like the biblical character you know, I also like things to part for me. For example, can you please part the curtains? I love to lay in the sunshine! I’ve been working on my summer tan for weeks, and I think I could find a place in your home to continue this hobby. Another thing I like to part – the barbs of a feather! Feather toys are one of my favourite, but I also love balls and will chase just about anything that catches my eye. I’m a very independent boy, and I like to see myself as a leader. I love my kitty siblings,and having a great playmate is always nice, but I also like to rule the household as my own palace –much like the prince my namesake belongs to! I like for my human disciples – let’s face it, I have them wrapped around my little paw – to worship me as much as they can. Giving out little scratches is the best way they can pay tribute to the hard work I’ve done. I reward them with singing songs through purr. It doesn’t take me very long to make myself at home, and I would like to do that somewhere with plenty of open curtains, toys, and cuddle buddies! Does your home have all those things?

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