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Name: Mikey
Date of Birth: May 2017
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Long Hair
Energy Level: 8 out of 10
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Yes

Rescue Story:
Mikey and her siblings were found living under someone's steps and are now ready for their forever homes

Mikey’s Bio:

Hello, I’m Mikey! I’m a bit of a tomboy – I like to pretend to be tough, but in reality, I’m just a bit shy. I don’t like a lot of the things most girls like – I’m not chasing after the boys, I don’t need to be adored, and I’m not one to dance and show off my talents. I take a bit of time for most things instead – I just like to know you’re a true friend before allowing you to enjoy my company. Once I trust you, though, I’m fairly easy to please. I love almost all toys, and my absolutely favourite thing is cuddling in the arms of somebody I feel is trustworthy. I don’t like to be told what to do very much – so if you want me to say hello, it’s likely I’ll stay in hiding until there’s less attention on me. I can be fearful of loud noises, and prefer a calmer environment. When I want to show you my love, you’ll know your pets are dong the trick by the strength of my purr! I absolutely adore my kitty brothers and sisters, and would probably like to go home with one of them, but if that’s not possible, I’ll just need some more time to adjust. I can be very sweet over time, and my foster mommy says my personality is worth the wait! So what do you say? Am I the kitty worth waiting for? Fill out an application today!

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