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Name: Meeko
Date of Birth: May 2017
Gender: Male
Weight: 70 lbs
Breed: Lab Cross
Energy Level: 5 out of 10
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Unknown

Rescue Story:
Meeko came into care as an unclaimed stray transferred to us from Leduc County

Meeko’s Bio:

Hello, I’m Meeko! I’m a clever fellow who loves attention, but hates the drama. I have learned all my basic commands, use a kennel like a big boy, and am motivated to do tricks for treats OR toys! In fact, I love my squeakies and stuffies so much, I tend to pack them around the house in a very loving and nurturing way. I nurture my toys, and my humans nurture me. This means you can find me pretty much anywhere you are – couches, between your legs, following you around the kitchen… My foster mommy and I are working on boundaries because sometimes I don’t know what ‘too close’ means, but I just want to ensure there’s enough love in the air for everyone! If my humans don’t wanna snuggle up to me, I go off to pester my canine and feline brothers for some cuddles instead! Sometimes I have opinions, but I don’t like causing a scene about them. I just grumble under my breath and talk in a low tone. I only really get loud when my human comes home because that means it’s time for pets – or food! I’d love to have a home that has time for a couple conversations, cuddles, the occasional walk, and a few toys and treats up their sleeve!

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