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Name: Gala
Date of Birth: August 2017 
Breed: Lab Cross 
Energy: 10
Dog Friendly: Yes 
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Kid Friendly: Unknown

Rescue Story: Gala came into care from our outreach program

Gala's Bio: 

I suppose I can stop bouncing long enough to introduce myself. I’m Gala and my name fits me perfectly because I am just one big party! I love to sing, and dance, and have zoomies in the yard with my foster sisters. Sometimes I get so excited running around outside that I forget to go pee or come back inside, but my foster mamas give me treats when I do good and they’re pretty yummy! Obstacles are nothing for me-that just means more of a challenge and help me get even more of my energy out! My perfect family would have older kids who can run and chase me around a large back yard or maybe an active grown up who wants to teach me how to use my long, graceful legs as a running partner.

My foster mamas give me all sorts of toys and I like them all, but my favourites are the strong bones so I can just sit on the couch and just chew and chew them!

I know how to go to my room to have my dinner, my sleeps, and when my foster mamas are at work.
The only thing I like better than zoomies is cuddling! I am sweet and affection and just LOVE people-to snuggle with, and curl up to watching TV and give hugs to! I’ll be a big girl when I’m fully grown so I hope you’ll have room for me on your couch.
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