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Name: Francis
Date of Birth: August 12, 2017
Gender: Male
Breed: Shepherd/Lab Cross
Energy: 8 out of 10.
Dog Friendly: yes
Cat Friendly: yes
Kid Friendly: unknown (but I’m bouncy, so maybe older or with supervision)

Rescue Story: Francis came into care with his brother Fergus from our Outreach Program

Hey there! I’m Francis “Tripping Hazard” Foster! As my middle name indicates, I really like to walk right in front of you. Yeah, I’ve been stepped on a few times, but it’s worth it to be that close to my people. I love my people. I’m a lap dog by choice, and I’ll get cozy, make no mistake! I’m a happy go lucky pup, and my tail does the propeller thing, so you may want to keep your coffee table clear. I’m house trained, can sit, and I know my name. I’m pretty busy, but whew! I’d like to slow down a bit.

I’d love to be trained with treats, but at this point, I am absolutely obsessed! I’m working on having other dogs around my food or cookies, but otherwise, I’m great with dogs and cats and kittens. I sometimes like to jump up, but I’m learning. I respond to “off” when I jump up. I need some firmness with my manners, but I’m really open to it. Bottom line is that I’m a puppy, and I’m sure good at being a puppy!! I really hope my puppy dog eyes have mesmerized you, and you can be my furever family. Fill out an application, and you won’t be disappointed!

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