GEARS is a foster home based rescue.  This means we don't have a central shelter location, but all our animals are in loving homes learning everything they can to prepare for their forever home.

We are always looking for new foster homes to help!  

Apply to be a foster today!  ​​

Fostering isn't always glamorous

The animals in our care come from many different backgrounds.  Some are injured, some are sick, some have behaviour problems, and let's face it.. all animals poop!  Fostering these kinds of animals can be difficult and trying at times, but these are the ones that often become our biggest success stories and seeing the progress they make in your home can be the best feeling in the world.

We know not everyone is equipped to deal with these tough cases - and that's ok!!  Not all of them have major hurdles to overcome, and we'll never make you foster an animal you're uncomfortable with.