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Name: Dutchess
Date of Birth: April 2017
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Energy Level: 9 out of 10
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Unknown

Rescue Story:
Dutchess and her siblings were born in a metal shop and were sent to GEARS to find their forever homes.

Dutchess’ Bio:

Hello, I’m Dutchess – Dutchy for short. Like the royal variety, I like to command the room. I may have been small, but have slowly risen to power with my self-determination and sharp tongue. I won’t stoop below my rank, and part of that is always having a bed to sleep on – my foster mom and dad’s is my pick! If I want to be stroked, I’ll tell you when – otherwise, it’s a sin to touch such fine royalty without bowing to ask my permission first. My foster mom says curiosity killed the cat, but I think that’s just a lie to keep me in my palace. I wish to explore the great wilderness, and am always looking for a way to sneak past the door to my castle. I even rule the canines here – I chase them around my territory for hours, just for fun! The heir to my throne – my brother, Diablo – is no match for me, as I am persistent in making him wither under my affectionate demeanour. Those I love do bring out my softer side – I can’t be stoic all the time! I can get silly with a dog toy or a string. I’ve also been practicing for battle, as kingdoms are generally surprised by them. As a result, I’ve trained myself to do a backflip or two. I would love to find
a kingdom I can declare for myself one day.
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