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    Title 2

Name: Darby
Date of Birth: April 2017 
Gender: Female
Weight: 1 lb
Breed: Shorthair Domestic
Energy Level: 8 out of 10
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Yes

Rescue Story:
Dutchess and her siblings were born in a metal shop and were sent to GEARS to find their forever homes.

Darby’s Bio:

Hi there, I’m Darby! Sometimes its Darby Darbs, which I think is code for “Darby adorbs”. If you don’t agree, I’ll find a way to convince you. Like cuddles? Check. Like kisses? Yup, I do those too – the minute you walk in the door, in fact. Like a little rumpus? I got you covered. I’m a pretty calm girl, but there’s a few ways I get riled up. First, if you’ve got a feline or even a canine buddy around the house for me, I can get pretty excited about rough housing. Second, if you throw something on the floor, like a ball or a crumpled piece of paper, I have no problem playing catch with myself. Heck, I sometimes like playing games with those piggly wigglies if you take your socks off. Finally, you can tell me it’s time for a snack – or I’ll tell you! Hey now, I’m a growing girl, and I get pretty loud when I’m ravenous! That’s about the only time you’ll hear for me, so there’s always a simple solution – just open the pantry, and we can all remain calm. Overall, though, I just want your undying love and affection. I’m known to be a bit of a momma’s girl, but really, if you have a spot on the couch for me, I’ll make sure to decorate it with my beautiful fur.
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