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Name: Cole
Date of Birth: June 2017
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Energy Level: 6 out of 10

Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Yes

Rescue Story:
Cole and his sister Clove came into care as strays.

Cole’s Bio:

Hi there, my name is Cole Mischief Catterson – Cole for short. And if mischief wasn’t my middle name – oh wait, it is. Yep, guilty as charged. It’s not that I don’t want to be a good kitty, it’s just that sometimes these human rules don’t make sense. Why would you use a wooden stick with graphite in it to send love letters? My canine companions get to chew on wood outdoors, so why can’t I on the ones indoors?! And what is the deal with toilet paper? Why does your toilet need to eat paper? I think toilet paper should be used for DECORATING! Who doesn’t love a house full of streamers? Hmm, somehow my foster mommy doesn’t wanna party the way I do…I think she just needs more streamers in her life.
I’m not all fun and parties, though. Sometimes I like to curl up with some catnip with my feline friends, too. We can enjoy each other’s company for hours. I like to play house from time to time, too, so you’ll often find me in my cardboard box fort. Lately, I’ve also found this comfy thing called a bed…and I guess I’ll share that with a human if I have to. If my foster mommy doesn’t want to party, I’ll take a bit of cuddle time with her instead.
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