Bacon - Pending Adoption

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Name: Bacon
Age: 1 year old
Gender: Male
Weight: 33 lbs
Breed: Boston Terrier/Pug Cross
Energy: 7 out of 10
Dogs Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Unkown
Kid Friendly: Ok with older kids

Rescue Story: Bacon was surrendered to GEARS to find his forever home. 

Bacon’s Bio:
Woof & Hello! The name is Bacon! I am a great puppy almost ready to become the dog you’ll love. I am a pug mix, with less of the pug disadvantages. I adapted almost instantly to my new environment and am crate and house trained and have never had an "accident" in the house. I learn new tricks easily if you motivate me with food. I love to play tug of war and keep-away especially if you leave a sock out for me. I am still in the mid puppy stage, and sometimes when I get playing it's hard for me to slow down, which is why I'd be better with older kids. I will need someone to continue positive reinforcement training primarily through the use of treats. I'm getting much better on the leash with a lot less pulling and lunging. I am very quiet for the most part, and tend to huff and puff, and let out little whines if I need something or want attention. Sometimes I’ll growl / bark at things you can’t perceive, or the occasional stranger that sets off my doggie-sense. I’m really smart. In less than a month, my foster dad taught me how to play dead with a finger gun! However, if you trick me once to get me to do something I don’t want to do, it’s unlikely you can trick me again. I won't do anything for food! Most of the time, I’ll hang out with you, but sometimes I like to find my own comfy spot and take a nap. I love being outdoors, especially with other larger dogs, and if you have a backyard, that would be pawesome! So if you think I may be a good fit with your family, fill out an application today! 

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