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Name: August
Date of Birth: August 2017 
Breed: Lab Cross
Energy: 8
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Yes

Rescue Story: August came into care from our outreach program.


Hello my name is August but my friends call me Auggie. What can I say about myself? I like long walks on the beach as the sun is setting - well I think I do anyways; I have never been to the beach but I do like my long walks. My foster Popper (did you see what I did there, hoomans always call me pupper hahaha) takes me and my foster sister to the off leash park almost daily. I am told I am really good off leash, but sometimes I do get distracted and like to go my own way. That’s when my foster sis comes and barks at me if I venture off too far. I think sometimes she thinks she is my mom but I don’t overly mind as I have learned a lot of good things from her. I am a confident fellow and like to make new friends at the park. Although I am suspicious of people at the park without a dog - like why are they there if they don’t have a dog? Anyways what I am trying to say is I would really like to be part of a family that takes me for long walks or to the dog park as much as possible. Once we get home me and my foster sis usually get a hearty supper then we play all night long. We wrestle and play chase outside so it would be really good to have a brother or sister who would like to play with me. With all that play, I do eventually settle down and enjoy a nap curled up next to you. I am a perfect companion for babies, and I really like older kids as well. Although with smaller kids, sometimes I get excited and jump. I am trying to work on that but it is hard to be calm when there is so much fun that can be had. While my foster Popper is at work I don’t mind being in the kennel, he calls it my house and I kind of agree it is nice and cozy. All in all, I am super sweet guy that cannot wait to you meet you and be part of a furever family.

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